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Non-IV Ketamine Permitted in Community Settings in BC

A statement and interim guidance from the College and Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) on ketamine administration in the community, was released August 10, 2021. The interim guidelines stem from a lengthy and ongoing process of consultation and negotiation to shape the clinical use of ketamine for mental health conditions and chronic pain in British Columbia.

The need for further input to the CPSBC continues!

In the meantime, we understand that if the following are met, All NON-INTRAVENOUS ROUTES of ketamine administration are now permitted in community settings:

  • the patient is given a proper informed consent process
  • there is a standard of care management
  • appropriate prescriber knowledge, skill, training and judgement
  • there are proper safety measures in place including equipment to manage adverse events

This guidance is very similar to the recommendations that were College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta Clinical Toolkit – Ketamine and Esketamine: Key Considerations that was published in May of 2021.  For more information on this and the College of Saskatchewan’s recent update read here: Guidance on the use of Ketamine, How do Alberta and Saskatchewan Compare.

In BC, AB and SK Intravenous ketamine must continue to be administered in hospital or accredited non-hospital settings only.  This is reflected in the BC College’s revised draft standard “Intravenous Use of Ketamine for the Treatment of Mood Disorders.”

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